Digital Forensics is most commonly used for the uncovering and interpreting of electronic data in a court of law. The process can, however, also be used in other instances. The service is used by those requiring a structured investigation which includes the collection, identification and validation of digital information to reconstruct past events, while preserving this evidence in its most original form.

I start with locating the sources where evidence might be found. My standard approach to Digital Forensic investigations includes the forensic examination of email and document servers, desktop and laptop computer hard drives, external media devices, mobile and smart phones, tablets, and satellite navigation systems. Each investigation is, however, bespoke and is carefully scoped to meet the requirements of the individual client.

Once located, my service includes the forensics imaging of the data held on the exhibits. This involves the examination of all electronic documents as well as Internet artifacts such as history, bookmarks and social media through keyword searches, etc.